Panich LTD., Part.,
The first plastic mat manufacturer in Thailand,
was established in 1970 on Songwad Road.
Employing technology from Japan, manufacturing
mats under the brand “Tra Guang” (Deer Brand)
which were sold and still are selling around the
country. With the intention to keep mats as part of
modern Thai culture and introduced this versatile
product to the international market, new, attractive
and modern designs have been developed.
The “Agora” brand manufactures stylish mats under
an environmentally friendly concept of “Upcycling”
using 100% recycled plastic. It is perfect for those
who enjoy outdoor activities and stylish life style.
Mat is the basic furniture piece that has always
been a part of Thai Way of Life. Even though time
has passed, the root of Thai culture still remains
in the lifestyles of modern generation; and for this
reason, mats will always be a part of Thai people’s
In 2015, Agora mats received the G-Upcycle seal
of approval at G-Gold Level from the Ministry of
Natural Resources and Environment which
guarantees their quality and ensures approval
for exports to the US and around the world.
Manufacturing Process; To maximize the use of
resources to save the environment, Agora mats
are woven using 100% recycled plastic
(100% Polypropylene Recycle). They offer beautiful
color pigment and innovative designs which can
also be adapted for interior decoration, furniture,
life style goods, etc.
Our factory has the capacity to produce different sizes of mats e.g. 93 cm. wide single mats
with unlimited length. Products can be customized to fit different area sizes or can
be folded for versatility. The width can be expanded up to 183 cm. without
stitches for a smooth and continuous appearance.
Agora mats are designed for outdoor and indoor use. They are durable and can be easily
cleaned by hosing through with water and hung dry.